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Team Building

Published: 16 Mai 2014
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When talking about training or team buiding, people usually see it as something serious or strict. Maybe, in some companies or organizations, it surely is. But in Hanoi Free Tour Guides (HFTGs ) , it is totally different.

    Working in an orgaization, everybody knows that what we have to do is work. The work we do may brings us experiences or knowledges. But to be honest, to find an organization that see each member as a part of the big family like Hanoi Tour Guides is really hard. Beside being tourguides, all members have to be join the common activities, with the major part is to connect members and have fun  

    This is a special team building day for me since it is my first team buiding day in Hanoi Free Tour Guides. We attempted to hold the show in the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, but because the members were so many, we must hold it in Nghia Do Park. It eventually turned out to be a great decision. The weather was hot as hell but everyone seemed to be hotter =) we played, we shared moment togerther as a team. We laughed with each other. We were on fire. I’m not really a good speaker or writing. I don’t like the flourish things since they seem some kind of fake. So I don’t want to talk more about anything that Hanoi FreeTour Guides has brought to us. Let’s these pictures tell everything.  I just want to say thank you and express how lucky I am to be a part of this family.  Join HFTGs, for not only the experiences that you can have and knowledges that you can gain, but also for being one of this family, for having another place called: “ Home”

Team work game: “ Let’s go togerther and gain the price :3 On my count: 1 …2…1….2…

“ We are the winnerssssssssssssss”

“ Eat fast or they will beat ussss”


“ Hang on. Don’t throw up ”

“ Pull harder. Harder. HARDERRRRR”

“Can you guess what is the word he is trying to explain???” – “ Nah. Absolutely not” =))


Tự Kỉ

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