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Eine unvergessliche Stadtführung

04 Januar 2015

Das ist meine 2. Stadtführung mit meinen neuen Freunden aus Deutschland Julian und Kimia und es hat richtig Spaß gemacht! Sie waren hier in Vietnam zum ersten mal da, deswegen waren sie sehr überrascht über die vietnamesiche Kultur.

A memorable trip

26 März 2014

I started the our by taking my guest to Ho Chi Minh complex. What startled me most was the long line of people waiting

9 am in the morning, the phone rang off, “gee who would call me this early? It is weekend for god sake”, I thought to myself.

My so so sweet tour

14 März 2014

This was my first trial tour to be an official member of Hanoi Free Tour Guide.

The unforgettable first tour

13 März 2014

It's an unforgetable day because I had my very first tour on that day! All happened so randomly :)) At the night before, I was still preparing for my Microecomonics class.

My second trial tour

12 März 2014

It was another half-day tour with two of English visitors. We went out with a couple who were going to get married next year.

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