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A memorable trip

Published: 26 März 2014
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I started the our by taking my guest to Ho Chi Minh complex. What startled me most was the long line of people waiting

to take a look at the president so I feared that this would us quite long before we could continue the journey further. Luckily enough, Alex said he had been to the mausoleum, thus, sparing it to give more time to the other spots of the complex. At the beginning, we got started at Ho chi minh Museum, where we had our first picture taken together.  Going by my side, he continually expressed his surprise at how Uncle Ho had been so idolized and so much respected by Vietnamese people. Furthermore, he also cited Churchill as a similar figure to the president in Britain but only that he was not so famous and influential, making my pride rise up a little bit. After that, we made for the one-pillar pagoda where my mind again went back to the thousand-year history to introduce its historic and religious importance in our people’s life. Then, we paid a visit to the house on stilts and the presidential palace nearby. At this point I drew a contrast between the two places in order to emphasize how simple a life he had led, at which Alex could not hold back his amazement.


After lunch, we rode to the Museum of Ethnology, where I felt at my best to work as a tour guide since I have always loved this spot the best in Hanoi. First, we went indoors and saw numerous things related to each ethnic group. Later, the atmosphere outside was really airy and spacious to enjoy the sightseeing. We did enter each house and meticulously looked into the lifestyle typical of each group. I felt so much happy when Alex thanked me for bring him to a place like this due to its well-designed structure and assorted exhibits.
Late in the afternoon, the old Quarters and the French Quarters were our last stops before we walked back to the hotel. On Trang Tien street we merrily tasted ice-creams under quite hot weather. Back in the old quarters, Alex invited me to grab some cheap bear, which was exactly his favorite but unfortunately not mine. While he had two glasses, I said no to the second class he offered.
The sun was about to hide itself far away in the West, which was when we exchanged our wishes and goodbye at the front of the hotel. Wish that next time back in Vietnam, Alex will be able to find a teaching job as he said he had planned and that we’ll be able to have another time together.


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