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Exhilarating experience from my very first tour

Published: 18 März 2014
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9 am in the morning, the phone rang off, “gee who would call me this early? It is weekend for god sake”, I thought to myself.

I gave a big and noisy yawn and picked up the call. On the other side of the line there was a man voice “Hello, this is Mr. Cong, from HNFTG, are u available today?. I jumped of the bed, took a few seconds to come back to reality “Is he going to ask me to go on a tour? No, no, no. This can’t be true”. I nodded my head like crazy ‘yes, I am totally completely free today”.  “Ok, then I have a tour for you at 11 am”. Happiness and excitement flooded in my body. This was really happening I was going to go on my very first tour. I had been waiting for this opportunity for ages. I rushed to wash my face, clean my teeth and get on my bike. I imagined my first client was a bold, fat man with a beer belly. The weather was not so favorable. It had been raining for two weeks. This type of weather was depressing. But I had something to brighten up for “my first trip”. I arrived at the Metrople hotel at 11. 05 am. “Screw me” I thought. Those western people are very punctual and the fact that I was five minutes late on my first tour.  What’s worse, I couldn’t find a place to park my bike as Metrople is an ancient hotel built by the French in the 1920s. I decided to talk to the male seller of Louis Vuitton. After having some small talk, I asked him whether he could look after my bike for a while. Luckily, he agreed. I called my client and he told me to wait him for two minutes. While I was waiting for him, I had a conversation with the receptionists. Two minutes passed by, I hadn’t seen anybody come to the lobby. Three, then four and then five, my eyes were searching for a fat white man at the hall. “Hello, I’m Steven. You must be the tour guide”. I turned back and surprisingly Steven was not an “old bear”, he was rather young actually. He had no beer belly either. He is pretty tall in comparison to my height. I smiled at the thought of expecting my client to be a bold and bald man. “Hello, yes I’m your tour guide I just called you a few minutes ago.” Steven nodded his head and led me in the hotel. We were staying in the lobby waiting for his wife to get ready. While was sitting there, I imaged his wife is a chubby woman with blond hair. Finally, she came with an up-to-ear smile. She was gorgeous and looked like Iryna Shayk. We took off at 12.20 pm and HoChiMinh complex was our first destination as Steven is fond of military history. We started getting to know each other. From our conversation, I was informed that both Steven and Irina (let’s just call her Irina) were very successful in their career. Steve was waiting for a change in his job therefore they decided to take a vacation and left their children at home with their parents.  The taxis stopped at the gate of Ho Chi Minh museum. We talked along the way we got in there. I gave the couples detailed information about the communist party and the life of Ho Chi Minh. Iryna was extremely interested in Russian words at the museum for she was born in Soviet.  Steve sometimes posed the questioned which I could never think of. He asked if Ho Chi Minh didn’t have any girl friends at all. I smiled “No he didn’t but Vietnamese people are his relatives and children”.  A sense of proud rose up on my vein. The tour kept going on with discussions and laughter. After that, Iryna was rather hungry so we decided to have lunch at a restaurant. We went on to see the rest of the complex and then moved to military museum. Steven got carried away with all the tanks and planes left me and Iryna behind. Having spending the whole afternoon together, Iryna shared her private life with me.  We found a lot in common. In the evening, I decided to help the couples with shopping at the night market. My main duty was doing the translation and helping them to haggle. The market was not really crowded because it was raining. We went from one shop to another, tried on different accessories. Steven chose four stunning necklaces for Iryna. He gave her a kiss on lips while I was standing their smiling admirably. What could be more romantic than a kiss in the rain? I had seen the best of today. Over 10pm, we must say goodbye even though we didn’t want to.

Oanh Quach



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