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My so so sweet tour

Published: 14 März 2014
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This was my first trial tour to be an official member of Hanoi Free Tour Guide.

The night before the tour, it had been so rainy, hence, I had thought that the weather might be bad for my tour tomorrow. Fortunately, it was dry and totally fine for the whole day tour. I reached the Movenpick Hotel at a quarter to nine and waited for my guests at the lobby. At 9.00 am, we met each other; they were a young couple coming from Australia, David and Ingrid. They seemed so eager to start the tour and told me I could show them any places I liked and recommended. Hence, I decided to set up the tour with Ho Chi Minh Complex. On the taxi, we chatted together and that was so amazing this was their honey moon. I felt really really great that I could be a part of their memorable journey.  
When we passed the Presidential Palace, David seemed so excited by the color of the building. He said that he had seen lots of French architecture in Hanoi but that was the most yellow building he had ever seen. I showed them Uncle Ho’s Stilt house where he had spent the end of his life. Both Ingrid and David were impressed by his simple life style and peaceful surroundings as well.
Finishing Ho Chi Minh complex, we chose the Temple of Literature to be the next part of the tour. While walking to the Temple we talked a lot about each one’s life and work. Along the way, I adored my lovely couple by the way the cared for the other. David held his wife’s hand whenever they crossed street. Ingrid’s parents are Chinese so she could read most of captions in TOL. I told her I was a newbie, so, she joked me by asking any Chinese words we met to test my knowledge.
It was about 12.00 when we finished TOL then we walked back to the hotel as David wanted to pick up some things with him. Then they invited me to go up so see their room, it was so nice, large, well-furnished and located on the top floor. We sat in the living-room and Ingrid told me about their love. That was marvelous to know they had been loved each other for nearly 10 years, that Dav had been waited so long for asking her to marry. Despite that, their love seemed like just in first days.
David told me that Ingrid was a fan of “Pho”, hence, I led them to number 10 Li Quoc Su to enjoy it. After lunch, we had egg coffee at a café located in Hang Gai so we could see the whole Sword Lake. I was so happy when Ingrid told me “Without you, we can’t find a place like this!”

We decided Hoa Lo Prison was the final destination. On the way to the prison, we passed Trang Tien Plaza. Then Ingrid asked me whether or not I liked cake, I said “Yes”. And I also recommended they could buy cake in Trang Tien ice-cream shop. But David said they wanted to buy me a cake as a small gift – in a bit luxury brand ^ ^. After that, we came into Trang Tien Plaza and stopped at a French bakery, I could choose whatever I liked. How thoughtful they were! We enjoyed our cake and chatted a lot. It was about nearly 4.30 pm when we finished. I told them that the prison would be closed at 5.00, which was the reason why we came back to the hotel instead. Fortunately, when we nearly reached the hotel we passed Hoa Lo street, so, I recommended next day they could come to visit Hoa Lo prison. That was a worthy place to spend time. 
My first tour finished with big hugs and wishes we could meet again. They were so nice when Dav invited me to stay with them if I had a chance flying to

Australia. That was my memorable tour with so lovely guests.


Minh Ngoc



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