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The unforgettable first tour

Published: 13 März 2014
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It's an unforgetable day because I had my very first tour on that day! All happened so randomly :)) At the night before, I was still preparing for my Microecomonics class.

By accident, I saw a post on Facebook from Mr. Dao Thanh Cong. He said that there were two "slots": one for a full-day tour and the other for a half-day tour. I took the half-day tour without any thought. And immediately, I received the email that gave me the information of the tour! " Yeah! I will have my first tour tomorrow with a tourist from Indian" I woke up very early in the morning beacause of excitement. I set up at 8 am but I still stuck in traffic jam! It was terrible Luckily, I arrived at the hotel on time! While I sat in the lobby, my heartbeat was out of control :(( I was really nervous! Moreover, some staffs of the Meracus Hotel, they told me that the Indian are very fastidious! Oh please! This kind of information made me more and more worried Finally, I could meet my tourist! She is an Indian and maybe, at the middle-age. She told me that the previous day she had visited Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Som Tample and Hanoi's Old Quarter Street! "Therefore, today we will visit Ho Chi Minh Complex and Vietnam Museum of Ethnology!" I said We took a taxi to Ho Chi Minh Complex first! Mrs. Usha was really impressed with Ho Chi Minh Complex, especially Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum! She showed her deep respect for our beloved President! But unfortunately, we ran out of time! Because I had class in the afternoon, she made a decision:" we will walk to West Lake and find a place to have lunch! Then I will take a taxi to the museum, and you take another back to the hotel! You have to go to your class on time" On the way to West Lake, we visited Quan Thanh Temple, one of the Four Sacred Temples of Hanoi! She seemed very interested in Tran Vu bronze statue. And I also show her that touching the statue can bring to her health, luck and happiness! Then we walked along Truc Bach Lake. I introduced to her some special fower tree of Hanoi, such as: "hoa sua", "hoa ban".... Of course, we had lunch at Ho Tay restaurant! She really liked the Shrimp Cake! I was very glad with that :)) At 1pm, we left the restaurant and also said goodbye to each other! She promised me that: if I had chance to visit India, she'd like to be my tourguide The first tour with awesome experiences and a lot of lessons about culture, people and English I'm extremely exciting to become the official member of HFTGs so that I can meet such kute tourists Hoàng Hồng Vi ( Nhíp Còi ).


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