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Tour Booking

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Published: 20 May 2015
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Thank you so much for your interests in Hanoi Free Tour Guides services, we always try our best to make your tour unforgettalbe memories. In order to better deliver our FREE GUIDING services, there are two main ways to book tours as the below:

*Important notes: Before sending your bookings, please READ& FULLY UNDERSTAND OUR TERMS& CONDITIONS.


2. Email us with sufficient information as indicated as follows:

1. Number of guests:

2. Name of representative (please provide us your hotel check-in name so our guide can ask receptionists for help in case of necessity).

3. Available mobile phone number (in use in Vietnam) if yes (our guides may directly phone you in case she/he can't find you at hotel lobby).

2. Your hotel address ( please provide the address as detailed as possible because some hotels have same names but different addresses)

3. Date and time for pick-up

4. Places for visiting, in case you have no ideas, our guides can directly suggest you to make it suitable with your time and your interests.

5. Means of transportation: Please note that taxi is the most popular, Please feel free to tell us if you want to travel by another
mean of transportation or on foot.

6. Preferred guiding language: (English, Mandarin Chinese, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German or Vietnamese).
You can make request of volunteers speaking different languages for the same tour in case there are different requests on
guiding languages from people in your group.

FULL DAY (normally start at 8am(summer), 9am(winter) and finish at around 5pm)

* Option 1: Hochiminh complex, Temple of Literature, Sword lake area (including Ngoc Son Temple), French Quarter and Old Quarter

* Option 2: Temple of Literature, West lake area, Hoalo prison and Museum of Ethnology (or Women's Museum)

* Option 3: Temple of Literature, Museum of Ethnology (or Women's Museum), Old Quarter, Sword lake area (including
Ngoc Son Temple) and French Quarter.

* Option 4: Old Quarter, Sword lake area (including Ngoc Son Temple), Museum of Ethnology (or Women's Museum) and
1 out of 2 handicraft villages (Bat Trang pottery village and Van Phuc silk village)

* Option 5: Bat Trang pottery village and Van Phuc silk village

HALF DAY (normally start at 9am(winter), 8am(summer) for the morning one and 2pm for the afternoon one)

* Option 1: Old Quarter,Sword lake area (including Ngoc Son Temple), French Quarter and Long Bien bridge.

* Option 2: Museum of Ethnology (or Women's Museum), Sword lake area.

* Option 3: 1 out of 2 handicraft villages ( Bat Trang pottery village or Van Phuc silk village)

* Option 4: Hochiminh complex, Temple of Literature and West lake area

* Option 5: Hoa Lo prison, Sword lake area, Old Quarter and French Quarter.

* Option 6: Night market tours on weekend nights ( Friday, Saturday and Sunday): Start at 7pm to late 9, 10 pm.

The above suggested itinerary is just for reference, it is very flexible, you can directly discuss with our guide for recommendations and suitable arrangement.

To book a tour please provide us information as above and email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thanks so much and wish you best time ever in Vietnam.


Hanoi Free Tour Guides is a social non-profit organization founded and run by a group of students and ex-students. The founders of Hanoi Free Tour Guides (HFTGs) express their great desire about an increasingly developing Vietnam on the basis of an age-old culture and unique traditions and customs. HFTGs strongly believe that in their best efforts along with numerous assistance by the entire community we can fulfill our mission, greatly contributing to the process of national industrialization and modernization.

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Why Hanoi Free Tour Guides?

- Totally free of charge guiding service.

- Experiencing the tour in the most localized way with students and ex-students.

- Strictly- selected, well-trained, professional, and knowledgeable, "guides, little ambassadors" who are excellent in foreign language skills with great enthusiasm of introducing the image of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular to international friends.

- Easiest way to customize your tours to match your time and interests.

- Making friends with lovely Vietnamese students and ex-students.

- Offering various choices of languages: English, Chinese, French,  Russian, Korean, Japanese, German and Spanish.

- Using service of among the leading voluntary organizations with over 400 volunteers.

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