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Pax: a couple from USA

Published: 19 May 2014
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Tour no.8

Time : April 28 full day

This was the first American couple becoming my tourists in HFTGs. They were really nice, humorous, attentive, knowledgeable and of course, love eating a lot.

Never have I started a tour with a lunch like this tour :) before coming, the husband stared at me and touched his big stomach with a funny smile : “I really love eating, let ‘s make it bigger” :D
We had a very good time in Hanoi, visiting HCM Mausoleum, Temple of Literature, West Lake on an electricity bus, enjoying famous gastronomy of Hanoi like Bun Cha ( Grilled pork with noodle), Mì Vằn thắn, Phở cuốn ( Spring rool with noodle ) and many other dishes of Hanoi, Kul Beer was also included in.
I did have a feeling like a princess for all of the day. Wandering near Truc Bach Lake, the couple kissed each other so sweet that make me a little bit jealous. But they were immediately got the situation of mine because of my long distance relationship, giving me an icecream and LOL on the way :v
After dinner, some raindrops appeared that he urged 3 of us run faster to avoid them J) but actually, big stomach can’t go fast ^^
 That was a big surprise of mine to receive more than 1000 pictures taken from the long long long journey in Viet Nam. Looking at those happy moments, I wish that one day I will be insides those pictures to enjoy landscapse and seascapes of Viet Nam.
Best wishes to my cute tourists

Huong Linh Chu

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