I) What does it mean by HFTGs CONSULTANCY/ADVICE?

We collect any of your assistance request, process, analyze information, provide support at our best effort, look for and make best and possible recommendations (considering all aspects: Time, finance, convenience, opportunity cost, trust… as per customers’ requests case by case) on suitable service suppliers, providers, partners….

II) How much does HFTGs CONSULTANCY service cost?

Totally free of charge as always. We shall work as an adviser to help you find the best choice for supplier/partner valuing your time and every penny you pay.

III) What areas/industries are available with HFTGs CONSULTANCY?

It includes but not limited to: Travel and tourism (e.g.: paid tour, packaged tours, transport….); Investment and doing business in Vietnam, company/representative office set-up,  translation and localisation, import and export, market research, and so on.

IV) How does HFTGs CONSULTANCY benefit you?

HFTGs CONSULTANCY offers you huge benefits since our expertise, reputation, and local understanding can be fully taken advantage of.

Time saving in information searching

Find reliable and trusted partners/suppliers

Valuable for money ( guarantee the best quotation thanks to our supplier’s commitment on the best offer for HFTGs’ customers)

(If you are interested in booking with some company but are still concerning regarding the quotation/price or any matters, you may ask us for help in making negotiation for better deal)

V) How to get access to HFTGs CONSULTANCY?

There are several ways to approach our constantant service and constant teams by:

  1. Email us at: consultant.hanoifreetourguides@gmail.com with detailed information:


– What tours are you interested in? (Halong Bay, Ninh Binh, Sapa….), please let us know/attach your planned itinerary, request as detailed as possible including the planned booking date.

– Number of pax in your tour (s):

– How many children:

– Are you interested in group tour or private tour?:

– Your preferred tour language:

– What level of hotels/cruises do you prefer (2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars….)

– Other additional information: Please state if any

Send all the above information to: consultant.hanoifreetourguides@gmail.com

Your request shall be responded nomarlly within 24 hours at the latest.


–  What areas/services do you request for our advices: (Investment, company/representative office set-up; business matching; import, export; translation & localisation; legal services….?

– When do you plan to start your business/service?

– Other added information: Please state if any

Send all the above information to: consultant.hanoifreetourguides@gmail.com

Your request shall be responded normally within 24 hours at the latest.

  1. You can contact us any time by number: +84 347 886 198 (available with whatsaap, viber, zalo)

We are always at your service.

How long does it take to process and respond your consultancy request?

We shall process your request as soon as it has been received. Normally your request shall be responded within a day (24 hours) at the latest if the request is sent via email.




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