• Banking & Money

    Banking & Money

    Money exchange: Usually airports and train stations offer better exchange rates than in town due to the local competition … Read more

  • Transportation


    Taxi Some reliable Taxi companies are listed below with their own phone numbers. … Read more

  • Must-try local foods

    Must-try local foods

    Pho - a delicious intro to Vietnamese food No matter what time day or night, a steaming bowl of pho noodle soup is never hard to enjoy. … Read more

  • Shopping in Hanoi

    Shopping in Hanoi

    Hand-embroidered tablecloths and lacquerware are very popular in Hanoi. … Read more

  • Travel to Hanoi

    Travel to Hanoi

    Please get advised on useful information about ways to travel to "City for peace", Hanoi: … Read more

  • Best time to travel

    Best time to travel

    One of the first questions that comes to mind of a traveller is deciding on a time to go. There comes the time for holiday and vacation and then all of a sudden the question "Will that be the best time to visit the country" creates new nerves. In fact, even when you do the search or ask for advice … Read more