Hanoi Free Tour Guides (HFTGs) is a social non-profit organization founded and run by a group of students and ex-students since January 2010.

– To give on-going support and assistance towards Vietnamese tourist industry.
– To better promote communication, cultural exchange among students and people of different countries.
– To offer a wider choice of employment for young people who are intended to acquire knowledge and develop their skills to their full potential.
– To provide an extensive access to education and vocational training for the poor, disadvantaged and contribute to the community empowerment.

– The founders of HFTGs express their great desire about introducing an increasingly developing Vietnam on the basis of an age-old culture and unique traditions and customs to the world. HFTGs strongly believe that in their best efforts along with numerous assistance by the entire community we can fulfill our mission, greatly contributing to the process of national industrialization and modernization.
– In addition, HFTGs and its members are desirous to become deserved representatives as Little Ambassadors of Hanoi and Vietnam and a great bridge to make contribution to the world’s nation building.

– Utilizing the public resources, governmental and non-governmental funding for social development
– Based on the rights, demands and public participation
– Better investing into young people, especially university or college students
– Community empowerment

Why HFTGs is a Must- Do in Hanoi?
– Totally free of charge guiding service.
– Well-recognized and highly recommended by the world’s most famoust tourism forums: Tripadvisor, Lonelyplanet…
– Appeared on leading domestic and international newspapers, TV channels: Vietnam News Agency, Vietnam National TV (VTV), Vietnam Plus, Hanoi Capital Security, RM TV (Russian TV), The People (the most reputable, the central organ of the Communist Party of Vietnam, The voice of the party, state and people of Vietnam)…..
– Experiencing the tour in the most localized way with students and ex-students.
– Strictly- selected,well-trained, professional, and knowledgeable, “travelmates, little ambassadors” who are excellent in foreign language skills and deep knowledge on culture and history with great enthusiasm of introducing the image of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular to international friends.
– Easiest way to customize your tours to match your time and interests.
– Making friend with lovely Vietnamese students and ex-students.
– Offering various choices of languages: English, Chinese, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German and Spanish, Italian..
– Experiencing service of among the leading, largest social organizations with over 600 volunteers.
– Owners of the prestigious awards: Top Choice by Lonely Planet, Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor (annually); Top 3 attactions in Hanoi by PATA; National Volunteers Award by UN volunteers programme…..

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HFTGs trong trái tim tôi những ngày cuối năm 4

#HFTGs trong tim tôi trong những ngày tháng cuối năm 4 n có một động lực gì đó thôi thúc mình hãy làm hết mình tất cả những điều mà một khi đã qua thời sinh viên rồi khó có thể làm được.

Please kindly read and fully understand all of our terms& conditions before making bookings in any forms (telephone, online, directly or indirectly…)

Acceptance of the following policies, terms and conditions is required for participation in the Hanoi Free Tour Guides (HFTGs) organization.

1. Guides

• Members of HFTGs and HFTGs guides are volunteers who provide guide services out of their own goodwill.

• Any and all persons who request and/or utilize the services of HFTGs will be referred to as “guest(s)” hereafter.

2. Expenses

While HFTGs guiding services are totally free of charge, guests are responsible for the following expenses:

• TRAVEL EXPENSES INCURRED BY THE GUIDE while conducting a tour for the guests. These include any and all public transportation fees, taxi fares incurred after meeting the guest at the appointed meeting place. Guests are not responsible for costs incurred by the guide while traveling to or from the meeting place both before and after the tour period. ADMISSION FEES to museums, temples, events etc. incurred by the guide while providing guide services.

• MEALS eaten by the guide while providing his or her services to the guest(s).

3. Inappropriate Conduct

HFTGs and its volunteers reserve the right to terminate guiding services at any point during the tour if the guest(s) exhibit any of the following behavior:


• INAPPROPRIATE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR or advances. This includes sexual behavior initiated by the guest(s) toward the guide, occurring among the guest(s) and or that initiated by the guest(s) toward persons outside of the tour group.


• REFUSING to cover expenses incurred by the guide as outlined in the above section on expenses.

• ANY CONDUCT, BEHAVIOR, OR ACTION that the guide feels is inappropriate or offensive or reflects poorly upon his or her self or HFTGs.

4. Statement of Limited Liability

HFTGs and its guides are not responsible for any illnesses, injuries, thefts, losses, or any resulting damages incurred by the guest(s) while using HFTGs services. The guest(s) accept(s) full responsibility for any damages, injuries, or losses that he/she/they may incur while using HFTGs services.

5. Right to Refuse Service, Conflicts of Interest

HFTGs can refuse to offer its services and/or terminate its services to the guest(s) at any point for the following reasons:

• The guest(s) provide(s) false information through the booking form when requesting a guide and/or e-mail exchanges with HFTGs.

• The guest(s) attempt(s) to profit or gain monetarily from HFTGs services or operate(s) a business which attempts to profit or gain from HFTGs services.

• The guest(s) request(s) to engage in “sexual tourism” in any form or fashion. This includes but is not limited to requests to visit brothels, sexual goods shops, adult book stores and other similar venues which HFTGs deems inappropriate for its guide services.

• The guide(s) may cancel appointments with due notice if unavoidable reasons or extreme circumstances (e.g., extreme weather conditions, natural disaster, etc.) occur.

6. Sudden Cancellation by Guest(s)

HFTGs reserves the right to refuse service to guest(s) who have previously cancelled guide appointments without due notice. This excludes cases in which cancellation was for unavoidable reasons or extreme circumstances.

7. Cases in Which HFTGs May be Unable to Provide a Guide

In the following cases, HFTGs may be unable to provide a guide to the guest(s):

• There are too many booked inquiries and or a shortage of available guides.

• A guide cannot be found who is able to meet the guest’s request (e.g., starting a tour from 5.00 a.m)

8. Acceptance of Policies, Terms and Conditions of HFTGs

I, the guest, by sending booking form, booking inquiry emails or any other forms of making reservation do hereby state my absolute acceptance of the policies, terms and conditions of HFTGs as outlined in this agreement.

How much does it cost to use guide service?
Our guide services are totally free of charge. However, please kindly prepare to pay all the expenses of the volunteer guide during the tour, such as admission fees, restaurant meals, transportation fees, etc.

Do I have to give a tip?

While tipping is not mandatory, it is greatly appreciated. If you had a wonderful time, a small tip is a meaningful way to show your appreciation. Your generosity helps us maintain the quality of our tours and supports our guides. Thank you for considering tipping as a way to support our organization.

We are a group of 8 people, and can we request a guide?
We may arrange two (or more) volunteer guides. Please be prepared to pay the expenses of these volunteer guides.

What languages do guides speak?
Currently, we have English, Chinese, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian and Vietnamese speaking volunteer guides. It is Hanoi Free Tour Guides’ great effort to extend our services in more languages to serve more tourists from all over the world visiting our country.

Can I request a guide for weekdays?
Yes, you can.

When should I request a volunteer guide?
We recommend you request as soon as possible before the planned date for the tour. However, please don’t hesitate to email us or book at any time even short notice. We will inform you whether your requested tour can be confirmed.

Our hotlines:


Or email us at, Hanoi Free Tour Guides Tour Operation Department will reply you shortly.

How can I book a tour with HFTGs?
Please apply using the BOOKING FORM. You can also contact us via email: After receiving your inquiry, we will reply you as soon as possible.

In the event, you wish to email us for reservation, kindly complete the following information:

Email us with sufficient information as indicated as follows:

1. Number of guests:

2. Name of representative (please provide us your hotel check-in name so our guide can ask receptionists for help in case of necessity).

3. Available mobile phone number (in use in Vietnam) if yes (our guides may directly phone you in case she/he can’t find you at hotel lobby).

2. Your hotel address ( please provide the address as detailed as possible because some hotels have same names but different addresses)

3. Date and time for pick-up

4. Places for visiting, in case you have no ideas, our guides can directly suggest you to make it suitable with your time and your interests.

5. Means of transportation: Please note that taxi is the most popular, Please feel free to tell us if you want to travel by another mean of transportation or on foot.

6. Preferred guiding language: (English, Mandarin Chinese, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German or Vietnamese).
You can make request of volunteers speaking different languages for the same tour in case there are different requests on
guiding languages from people in your group.

Where do I meet my guides?
Our guides will meet you right at your hotel.

Tour options for reference

FULL DAY (normally start at 8am(summer), 9am(winter) and finish at around 5pm)

* Option 1: Hochiminh complex, Temple of Literature, Sword lake area (including Ngoc Son Temple), French Quarter and Old Quarter

* Option 2: Temple of Literature, West lake area, Hoalo prison and Museum of Ethnology (or Women’s Museum)

* Option 3: Temple of Literature, Museum of Ethnology (or Women’s Museum), Old Quarter, Sword lake area (including Ngoc Son Temple) and French Quarter.

* Option 4: Old Quarter, Sword lake area (including Ngoc Son Temple), Museum of Ethnology (or Women’s Museum) and

1 out of 2 handicraft villages (Bat Trang pottery village and Van Phuc silk village)

* Option 5: Bat Trang pottery village and Van Phuc silk village

HALF DAY (normally start at 9am(winter), 8am(summer) for the morning one and 2pm for the afternoon one)

* Option 1: Old Quarter,Sword lake area (including Ngoc Son Temple), French Quarter and Long Bien bridge.

* Option 2: Museum of Ethnology (or Women’s Museum), Sword lake area.

* Option 3: 1 out of 2 handicraft villages ( Bat Trang pottery village or Van Phuc silk village)

* Option 4: Hochiminh complex, Temple of Literature and West lake area

* Option 5: Hoa Lo prison, Sword lake area, Old Quarter and French Quarter.

* Option 6: Night market tours on weekend nights ( Friday, Saturday and Sunday): Start at 7pm to late 9, 10 pm.

The above suggested itinerary is just for reference, it is very flexible, you can directly discuss with our guide for recommendations and suitable arrangement.

To book a tour please provide us information as above and email us at Thanks so much and wish you best time ever in Vietnam.


"Please be advised your booking is ONLY OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED if you receive a confirmation email from us. HFTGs reserves its rights to refuse your inquiries in cases such as: we have got fully booked, your inquiries come on short notice... or other cases as indicated in our Terms & Conditions."

Please fill in the following information for your reservation.
*The field is required

Please indicate as detailed as possible in case of having same hotel names but different address

Please indicate as detailed as possible in case of having same hotel names but different address

(Format: +country code+ number: Eg: +84 96 100 2338)

In case you request more than 01 day/half day tour, please add in the FURTHER REQUEST IN THE LAST FIELD

Eg: 05/03/2013 SA

half-day(s)full day(s)

In case, you have no ideas, please put in OPEN TO RECOMMENDATIONS, our guide will directly recommend when meeting you

You can choose two or more languages at the same time. HFTGs will assign speaking guides of different languages if needed.
EnglishMandarin ChineseFrenchRussianKoreanJapaneseGermanSpanishItalianOther:

Do you need further assistance/ Advice with other travel services like: packaged tours/ transportation/ accommodation, etc? (Please be advised HFTGs, to the best of our knowledge, experiences, expertise, credibility and networking, shall offer you best advices or work with trusted suppliers to make recommendations valuing your time and every penny you pay. *

You are businessman and eye on investment/doing business in Vietnam. Are you looking for investment/business opportunities and information like: legal services, market survey, company set-up, import & export, etc?

Eg: Special interests, vegetarian......