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Pupils and students express their love to the Fatherland

Published: 21 August 2014
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In those days, along with preparing for final exams and summarizing academic year, several schools have made special flag-raising ceremony.

The schools from primary to university level across the country have organized for pupils, students to puzzle map of Vietnam to show their love to the Fatherland. This small action has touched the hearts of millions of Vietnamese people, showing valuable lessons of patriotism.


Pictures of pupils and students from primary to university level puzzling the Fatherland's map and sea & island of Vietnam:

The special squad of special flag-raising ceremony at Duc Tri Kindergarten - Primary
(Da Nang)

1700 school students at Mai Dong (Ha Noi) Primary School puzzling map of Vietnam in flag-raising ceremony

Radiant face of Kim Lien High School girl (Dong Da - Ha Noi) has honored to take landmark of Paracels

Officials, teachers and students of Foreign Trade University puzzling the Fatherland's map and sea & island of Vietnam

Students of Ha Long Elementary School, Vung Tau City puzzling Vietnam's map




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